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The Cultural Association Floydseum, dedicated to enhancing the art and culture of the famous British band Pink Floyd, is pleased to announce its new exhibition, "The Night Of Wonders, Pink Floyd in Venice", to be held in Venice at the beautiful Serra dei Giardini, from 11 to 25 February 2017.

After creating the first and the only 3D virtual reality museum dedicated to Pink Floyd, the great exhibitions in Padua (2013), in Venice (2014) and in Portogruaro (2015), the Cultural Association Floydseum brings together in a virtual network some of the greatest collectors in the world of the rock band.

Thanks to Nonsoloverde, dating from the end of 1800 in the enchanting scenery of the Serra dei Giardini, located between the Biennale and the Arsenale, you will be able to relive the excitement of the July 15, 1989, the unforgettable Pink Floyd concert in Venice!

The exhibition, through photographic elements, videos and written, can set a time on music history and on the city of Venice. Do not miss the wonderful pictures photographed by Guido Harari, Andrea Pattaro, Marco Sabadin, Bob Hassall, Alcide Boaretto, the testimonies and rare memorabilia.

The exhibition will be open daily from Saturday, February 11 to Saturday, February 25, 2017, from 10 to 20, with free admission.

Venue of the exhibition: Venice, Serra dei Giardini, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi 1254

Vaporetto: Line 1, stop Giardini

Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At the exhibition, you can also buy the event book, "The Night Of Wonders. Pink Floyd in Venice. 15 July 1989. Lights, sounds and memories " (Antorami Editions)

Besides the exhibition, the Cultural Association Floydseum will also organize events such as the presentation of the Association's book and live music performances. Do not miss any update, follow us on Floydseum official facebook page!

The Cultural Association Floydseum decided to dedicate this exhibition to the memory of our late friend and former Vice-President, Gianluigi Soldi.

Shine on!

The Floydseum

The Night of Wonders


European Tour Rattle That Lock

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The European tour 2016 of “Rattle That Lock” began, in Poland. This is the playlist of 25th June 2016:

First Half: 5 A.M. - Rattle That Lock - Faces of Stone - Wish You Were Here - What Do You Want From Me - A Boat Lies Waiting - The Blue – Money - Us and Them - In Any Tongue - High Hopes I Second Half: One of These Days - Shine On You Crazy Diamond -Dancing Right In Front of Me - Coming Back To Life - On an Island - The Girl In the Yellow Dress -Today – Sorrow - Run Like Hell Bis Time - Breathe Reprise - Comfortably Numb

Great expectations for the rest of the tour, especially in Pompeii, where people can also see the photographic exhibition “Pink Floyd live at Pompeii” by the famous Adrian Maben.


June 2016

25th Wroclaw, Square/Plac Wolnosci, Poland

27th Wien, Schloss Schonbrunn, Austria

28th Wien, Schloss Schonbrunn, Austria


July 2016

2nd Roma, Circo Massimo, Italy

3rd Roma, Circo Massimo, Italy

7th Pompei, Anfiteatro di Pompei, Italy

8th Pompei, Anfiteatro di Pompei, Italy

10th Verona, Arena di Verona, Italy

11th Verona, Arena di Verona, Italy

14th Stuttgart, Schlossplatz, Germany

16th Chantilly, Chateau de Chantilly, France

18th Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden Bowling Green, Germany

20th Nimes, Les Arenes de Nimes, France

21st Nimes, Les Arenes de Nimes, France

23rd Arc-et-senans, Saline Royale D'arc-et-senans, France

27th Tienen, Grote Markt, Belgium

28th Tienen, Grote Markt, Belgium


September 2016

London, Royal Albert Hall, England


Echoes from Pompei with special guest Adrian Maben

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Saturday 23rd April, Theatre Di Costanzo Mattiello, at 9.00pm in Pompeii (Na)

Adrian Maben live at Pompeii

On April 23, 2016, the music of Pink Floyd in Pompeii returns to resound with Echoes from Pompeii, an event that has as its protagonist the English band that better than anyone else rewrote entire chapters of rock music, declined in all its forms. To be at the forefront of the evening, the newly formed Association Live At Pompeii as main sponsor which, under the auspices of town of Pompeii, in Campania region and with the support of the Roman law firm, will take the Pink Bricks on the stage of the theater Di Costanzo Mattiello in Pompeii, one of the most acclaimed tribute band and appreciated throughout the country. The band will perform the most representative songs of Pink Floyd, some of these rearranged in acoustic and totally unprecedented, thanks to the support of the quartet Harmonia arches, formed by musicians from Campania.

The event comes 45 years after the very celebrated Live At Pompeii, the documentary film shot in the amphitheater of the Excavations in October of 1971 and released in 1974, directed by Adrian Maben. Echoes from Pompeii will be preceded by a press conference inside the theater, where the new association will present itself to the public, explaining the initiatives in the pipeline for this 2016, all centered on the music of the Pink Floyd.

The Pink Bricks carry around Italy the great Pink Floyd hits for 8 years, representing them so very true. The tribute band boasts the participation in two of the most acclaimed events the peninsula dedicated to Gilmour & Co., Atom At Night 2013 at the Ravello Festival and the Atom Acts Paestum 2014 held inside the archaeological site of the city. With their engaging live performance, the Pink Bricks have conquered not only the public who crowd their concerts, but Sir Adrian Maben who listened to them and appreciated on June 27 in 2015 at Angri (Sa), so want them to be at the opening of his photo exhibition of Pompeii.

The Association Live At Pompeii was founded in January 2016 with the aim of spreading all that featured Pink Floyd's career, through the organization and the realization of concerts, shows and photographic exhibitions. The founding members are Matteo Apuzzo, Francesco Romano, Vincenzo Tranchese, Antonello Buonocore and Alessio D'Amaro.

To buy the tickets, you can contact at the phone numbers +39 339 64 23 306 – +39 338 44 97 216 – +39 335 83 71 815 – +39 3388871734 – +39 349 85 51 914 or you can directly go to Roman Law Firm, street Enrico Fermi 4, Scafati (Sa) Tel. +39 0818504488 – +39 0818506328

The ticket price is 15 euro

Following the teasers of the show:



Association Live At Pompeii

Official site:

Facebook official page:

Twitter official page:

Instagram official page:

Pink Bricks

Official Site:

Facebook official page:


The Wall continues to surprise at the cinema

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The Wall at the cinema, global event on 29th and 30th September 2015

Unanimously considered a milestone in the rock history and the career of Pink Floyd with over 30 million copies sold worldwide, the album THE WALL equates one of the top creative British band author with the most important contribution in terms of composition, ROGER WATERS. All in a work that, 36 years after its publication on disc, yet never ceases to amaze for topical, emotional involvement and meaning.

It is proof, as well as its subsequent reprints and the film adaptation in 1982 who made the Oscar-winning director Alan Parker, also the 219 concerts that same WATERS held between 2010 and 2013, presenting the monumental rock opera in whole, and inflaming audiences around the world. Now just the sights and sounds of that tour they arrive on the big screen in ultra definition in Dolby Atmos in the contemporary world after the success achieved at the Toronto International Film Festival.

ROGER WATERS. THE WALL is in fact an event film that develops on multiple levels: it is the experience of a concert album overwhelming classic Pink Floyd, Waters of a road movie that comes to terms with the past and an exciting anti-war film. The film will be followed by way of exception from the intimate conversation between Roger Waters and Nick Mason who, for the first time after the dissolution of the band, will respond with a selection of questions sent in by fans. The unprecedented event will be released simultaneously worldwide on September 29th at 8pm, but the Italian fans, unique in the world at the time, they will find the film for three days on 29th and 30th September and 1st October.

The film was shot in 4K and mixed in Dolby Atmos during the tour sold out of Roger Waters "The Wall Live" who has collected over 1.5 million fans in North America, 1 million fans in Latin America and Central America and 1 million fans in Europe: over 4 million viewers around the world for the largest world tour ever undertaken by a solo artist. The identification of fans with THE WALL is in fact second only to that of the same WATERS, who dug deep into his personal history and his own sensitivity to build an immortal parable about the war, the sense of loss, love and life , up to the decision to produce and co-directing (with the creative director of the tour Sean Evans) a film that, in addition to finally offer a testimony of those extraordinary concerts, it allowed him to deal with the current meaning of THE WALL. Strongly marked by mourning the death of his grandfather in the war (during World War I) and his father (who died during the Second World War), THE WALL free today even more his scream against the horror of all wars, exactly a century after the First World War.

Speaking of the cinema event, Roger Waters declared: “We were a large family on the road, around 189, one more, one less. Basically we were happy, as I am really happy to welcome on board at all; I know, I know, I'm mixing metaphors. Where was I? Ah yes, with your help the event of September will be the perfect way to remember not only our loved ones, but also the loved ones to the other guys, the ones that are gone, those who are still there and those who have yet rise”.

ROGER WATERS. THE WALL is a film by Roger Waters and Sean Evans by 21 Rue Productions. Music by Roger Waters, Music Production by Nigel Godrich, Installation of Katharine McQuerrey, Photography by Brett Turnbull. Executive Producer: Mark Fenwick. Produced by Roger Waters, Clare Spencer. Directed by Sean Evans and Roger Waters.


Great Success of David Gilmour at Verona Arena

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Gilmour opens the locks of the heart at the Arena

This was the title of Verona Arena newspaper. David Gilmour's official site published a long post, which tells of "a triumphal concert, electric atmosphere and vibrant crowd for the songs played". The evening at the Verona Arena is one that it will remain in the history of concerts in Italy and surely it will remain in the minds and hearts of more than 14,000 fans, who have been lucky enough to attend at the concert of high artistic and musical, and emotional involvement.

The songs played were a good mix among the songs of the album "Rattle That Lock" and the classic Pink Floyd songs,in a lineup that was exactly the same as already presented in Brighton and Pula. Lights and special effects at will, as well as evocative images projected within the circular Floyd screen. The tour will go to Florence and then continue in France, Germany and for several consecutive dates at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London; in December, it will reach Brazil, Chile and Argentina, and, next year, the US and then back to Europe .

(following a series of Floydseum shots)

David Gilmour Arena Verona 2015 David Gilmour Arena Verona 2015 David Gilmour Arena Verona 2015 David Gilmour Arena Verona 2015


Rattle That Lock tour by David Gilmour

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David Gilmour's tour in Italy!

After the tour rehearsal held in Brighton on September 5th, which pictures are reported below and kindly sent to us by Ina Wagner, the tour starts officially on Saturday, September 12th in Pula, Croatia: the new "Rattle That Lock" tour by David Gilmour. The Italian fans are obviously focused on the dates of September 14th and September 15th in Verona and in Florence, in the hope that, as in the previous tour, every night David could invent at least some novelty to be included in the lineup of the songs. This is the set list performed in Brighton in front of 4,500 lucky few (including us!) viewers:

First Half

  • 5am
  • Rattle That Lock
  • Faces of Stone
  • Wish You Were
  • Here A Boat Lies Waiting
  • The Blue
  • Money
  • Us And Them
  • In Any Tongue
  • High Hopes

Second Half

  • Astronomy Domine
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  • Fat Old Sun
  • On An Island
  • The Girl In The Yellow Dress
  • Today
  • Sorrow
  • Run Like Hell


  • Time / Breathe Reprise
  • Comfortably Numb

On Friday September 18th, the new album "Rattle That Lock" will be released, in which you can listen to new some songs performed live. The first feedback on international newspapers and magazines is very mixed, who speaks very well, who sufficiently bad. As always, the feedback is subjective, though we are confident that, for the vast majority of the fans, this new album will only strengthen the love towards the famous Pink Floyd guitarist!

David Gilmour's tour in Brighton David Gilmour's tour in Brighton David Gilmour's tour in Brighton David Gilmour's tour in Brighton David Gilmour's tour in Brighton David Gilmour's tour in Brighton


The Night of Wonders book presentation at shopping centre Panorama, Marghera

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The Night of Wonders, book presentation in Marghera

Floydseum Cultural Association announces the book presentation of "The Night of Wonders, Pink Floyd in Venice, 15 July 1989" at Panorama shopping centre, Marghera.

We will wait for you on Monday 13, July 2015 at 9.30pm. At 10.00pm there will be the concert of the tribute band "Gambler".


The Night of Wonders book presentation at Ubik, Trieste

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The Night of Wonders, book presentation in Trieste

The Cultural Association Floydseum announces the book presentation of "The Night of Wonders, Pink Floyd in Venice, 15 July 1989" at Ubik bookshop, Trieste.

We will wait for you on Friday 22, May 2015 at 6.00pm.

Ubik bookshop is located in Galleria Tergesteo, Trieste. 


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