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Cultural Association Floydseum manages exhibitions, shows and important events for all Pink Floyd lovers and collectors. In this section, you can find all present, past and future events.


September 2017

Floydseum launches The Wall Exhibition together with Studio 33 Giri, Fossò, Venice, Italy. People will have the opportunity to admire a selection of items from the Floydseum collection: memorabilia, rarities, original designs by Gerald Scarfe, limited edition vinyls (Italian and international) signed by Band members, and more. Open from Monday to Sunday, from 17 Sept. to 1 Oct. 2017, free entrance. To learn more, click here.


February 2017

Floydseum announces its new exhibition "The Night of Wonders, Pink Floyd in Venice". The exhibition includes photos by Guido Harari, Andrea Pattaro, Marco Sabadin, Bob Hassall, Alcide Boaretto and many more will be on display at Serra dei Giardini, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi 1254, Venice, close to the Biennale and the Arsenale. To learn more, click here.


November 2014 - March 2015

Floydseum comes back with "The Night of Wonders" and a new project titled "Pink in Porto". "The Night of Wonders" collection will be exhibited from 29th November 2014 to 31st January 2015, in the Sala delle Colonne, Fondazione Collegio Marconi, Portograuro. to know more about, click here.


September 7, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "Pink Floyd the Wallat the former church of Santa Marta,a place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. A film by Alan Parker came out in 1982, the film adaptation of the concept album "The Wall", released in 1979 by Pink Floyd. The story allows at least three levels of reading, one autobiographical (the death of Roger's father in the war, Eric Fletcher Waters, the problems of school education in the period of the student riots), one observation and social critique (the lack of communication in relationships, the almighty rockstar), one that represents the evolution of the madness of the protagonist, where you can see a reference to Syd Barrett. The film was screened out of competition at the 35th Cannes Film Festival.


September 6, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "Stamping Groundat the former church of Santa Marta,the place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. Among the most important rock festival held in Europe, the Holland Pop Festival (also called Stamping Ground Festival) between 26 and 28 June 1970 gathered near Rotterdam several thousand young people. The festival was held in conjunction with the impressive Bath Festival and the organizers thought the Dutch to agree with the British in order to give an opportunity for many groups to perform in both shows. The Pink Floyd played a major concert at the Bath Festival on June 27; the day after the group played at the Holland Pop Festival.


August 31, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "Zabriskie Point" at the former church of Santa Marta,the place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. A film of 1970 directed by Michelangelo Antonioni with the famous soundtrack originally commissioned to Pink Floyd, which at the end also included a part of "Dark Star" Grateful Dead songs composed for the occasion by Jerry Garcia, the song "You Got the Silver "by the Rolling Stones, the song" Dance of Death "by John Fahey, two pieces of Kaleidoscope and two other songs.


August 30, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "Pink Floyd Pulse" at the former church of Santa Marta,the place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. Pulse is a live album by Pink Floyd recorded on tour in 1994. The album reproduces the program of the tour that followed the release of the album "The Division Bell". The tour culminates with a concert at Earls Court in London: the event was watched live by millions of viewers around the world and is the main source which draws on the video. 


August 24, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii (The Director's Cut)" at the former church of Santa Marta,the place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. Pink Floyd at Pompeii is a documentary-concert film directed by Adrian Maben, released in version movie theaters in 1974 and focused on the music of the British rock band Pink Floyd. The Director's cut version of 2003 includes the following songs: Echoes, Part I, Careful with That Axe, Eugene, A Saucerful of Secrets, Us and Them (fragment, studio), One of These Days I'm Going to Cut You into Little pieces, Mademoiselle Nobs, Brain Damage (fragment, studio), Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Echoes, part II.


August 23, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "More" at the former church of Santa Marta, place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. The film goes back to 1969 and deals with an intense and troubled love story between two young people in Ibiza of that time. A fresco of a dreamy and dramatic journey with no rules in the world of drugs, with inevitable tragic outcome. The film is all accompanied by the soundtrack of Pink Floyd, which was commissioned by the director himself and published in the album Soundtrack from the Film More, present in the official discography of the band. It was presented in a special screening of the International Critics' Week at Cannes Film Festival 2002.


August 17, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "Crystal Voyager" at the former church of Santa Marta, place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. A color film of 1975, the first part is focused on the activities of three surfers (played by themselves) on the narrative voice of George Greenough. The second part of the film is based completely on the shooting of a camera mounted on a surfboard. The background music for this part is composed entirely of Echoes by Pink Floyd.


August 16, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "Remember that night" at the former church of Santa Marta, place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. The recording of the concert of David Gilmour live in London, May 2006 held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, recorded during her tour "On an Island". The concert lineup mixes the songs on the new solo album of old songs with Gilmour of Pink Floyd.


August 10, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "La Vallee (obscured by clouds)" at former church Santa Marta, place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. A film produced in 1972 and directed by Barbet Schroeder. It was never released theatrically in Italian or dubbed in Italian. The soundtrack is the work of Pink Floyd, whose music has, however, a fleeting presence during the entire movie. The songs written by Pink Floyd specifically for the soundtrack were then collected on their album "Obscured by Clouds" whose title refers of course to the plot of the film.


August 9, 2014

Floydseum invites all to watch "The Wall live in Berlin" at former church Santa Marta, place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. The concert film that contains the live recording of Pink Floyd rock opera "The Wall" performed in Berlin, Germany, 21 July 1990 to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. The public expected early in Potsdamer Platz was 250,000 people, although before the show the figure will rise to around 350,000 spectators.


July 12, 2014 - October 26, 2014

Inauguration The Night of Wonders. Spazioporto - Former Santa Marta Church conference exhibition hall of Port Authority at 12:00am. To celebrate the fabolous concert on 15th July 1989 when Pink Floyd played at Venice on a floating stage, Floydseum organized an event focused on that famous rock concert.


July 9, 2014

Press Conference The Night of Wonders. Sala Apollinea Grande - Teatro la Fenice at 6:00pm.


July 26, 2013

Gerald Scarfe: meet the famous cartoonist! He is going to speak about his personal experience as cartonnist and his relationship with the members of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters.


25 luglio 2013

Glenn Povey: meet the author of the most famous books related to English rock band like €œEchoes€ or €œIn the Flesh€. He is going to speak about the Pink Floyd world and collectionism around it.


July 20, 2013

Giò Alajmo: meet the famous journalist and music critic! He is going to share with the fans all his personal memories of two extraordinary events, which remain in the history of music: "The Wall" live of Pink Floyd in Dortmund in February 1981 and Roger Waters' live show in Berlin in July 1990.


July, 13 2013 - July 28, 2013

Outside the Wall.The biggest exhibition ever made, dedicated to "The Wall".


April 27, 2013 - April 28, 2013

Pink Floyd Day II. One of the most important event of the year to celebrate Pink Floyd and their music. Floydseum showed to public the First 3D Virtual Museum!


December 2013

Floydseum: Pink Floyd Cultural Association Floydseum is a Cultural Association of collectors all around the world interested in promoting, sharing artworks and organizing initiatives related to the English rock band Pink Floyd.