Outside The Wall

in Padua the biggest exhibition dedicated to “Pink Floyd The Wall”


In July, Padua revived the myth of the British rock band hosting a concert by Roger Waters and the monographic exhibition organized by Floydseum.

From 13 to 28 July, Padua enters the myth, making music and theater successes of Pink Floyd thanks to unmissed appointments: "The Wall" concert on Friday 26, big comeback with Roger Waters and "Outside The Wall", incredible and exciting show organized by Floydseum, a unique opportunity to admire objects and memorabilia from around the world relating the life of Pink Floyd.

Together with the concert "The Wall Live" which Roger Waters will held at Stadio EUganeo July 26, the room Agora of centro Altinate/San Gaetano in Padua will host from July 13 to 28 the first exhibition of some of the most valuable pieces from the private collections of fans around the world related to recording, film and live shows of Pink Floyd rock opera.

Discs, posters, cards, t-shirts, prints and frames, tour program, newspapers and magazines, vintage photos and memorabilia of great rarity, the visitor will revive the glories of the ages of the album "of the bricks".

Great expectation is then directed to meetings with people linked to "The Wall" from the likes of David Appleby, official photographer present in the backstage of the shooting of Alan Parker film "Pink Floyd The Wall" who will speak July 13 for the opening of the exhibition; Glenn Povey, well-known author of books on the most sensational writings including Pink Floyd "Echoes" and "Technocolor Dream", and Giò Alajmo, a famous journalist and music critic.

The sections of the exhibition:

  • The cultural association Floydseum
  • The art and the image of Gerald Scarfe
  • "The Wall" in the discography of Pink Floyd
  • "The Wall" live tour 1980/1981
  • The movie " Pink Floyd The Wall" and the backstage photos of David Appleby
  • Roger Waters "The Wall" Live 1990-2013


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